Teen Empowerment’s successful methodology can be adapted for use in many different environments. We offer consulting services in the following elements of our approach, customized to meet clients’ particular needs:

  • Interactive group facilitation (based on our book, Moving Beyond Icebreakers)
  • Behavior management methods and systems
  • Program assessment and design
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Community building
  • Training youth leaders

TE’s consulting and training staff can plan and facilitate a single workshop or provide a longer-term consulting relationship, teaching clients to use TE’s group facilitation, behavior change, and/or community building methodologies to fulfill their goals. Clients include school departments, universities, police or other municipal departments, and other nonprofit organizations. As word about the value of the TE Model has spread, many organizations have adapted pieces of our model for their own use. Our approach has been developed and field-tested over thirty years of work with both youth and adults. In that time numerous organizations, such as Year Up, the Food Project, and City Year, have incorporated elements of the TE Model into their work.

For information about consulting and training services for your organization, contact us at 617-536- 4266 ext. 306 or by email.

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Moving Beyond Icebreakers




This book captures TE’s approach to successful group facilitation, which works in many different environments with both youth and adult groups of all kinds. It describes in detail over 300 interactive exercises (more than just “icebreakers”) that enable you to:

  • Achieve Group Goals
  • Build Relationships
  • Resolve Group Problems
  • Teach, Lead, Motivate, Inspire

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Teen Empowerment DVDs

Voices from Behind the Wall

In this powerful 25-minute DVD, nine inmates at the Old Colony Correctional Facility speak about their backgrounds, their lives now, and their messages for today’s youth. Voices from Behind the Wall was produced by TE in 2008, with the cooperation of the Massachusetts Department of Correction. Read about the DVD in the Jamaica Plain Gazette.

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“Jenny Blinger,” “Studio 48,” and “The War at Home”

TE offers three 20-minute DVDs that will spark discussion in classrooms, youth groups, and other settings about issues affecting urban youth. Can be ordered separately or as a set.


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