TE Studios announced the album release of “Break The Binds.”

TE Studios is a youth-run, adult-supported arts for justice project that aims to challenge the status quo by producing and showcasing socially conscious and progressive content in the performing and visual arts.

Break The Binds, released on May 23, 2017, is a collaborative effort of Teen Empowerment and Two Click Productions. TE Studios (formerly known as B4 Records) was established in 2014. You can check out some of the music we produced with The Record Co. at  https://b4records.bandcamp.com.

Donate Here We suggest a $10 donation per download.

Youth Artist Managers
Nate Nics
Carrie Mays
Amani Hedgepeth

Professional Mentors
Samantha Hale – Songwriting and Community Development
David Hines – Executive Producer
David Specht – Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer
Sheri Bridgeman – Performance Coach and Community Development

TE Studios Would Like To Thank:
Teen Empowerment and Two Click Productions, without whom TE Studios wouldn’t be possible.

The beat making, engineering and production talents of Sleepy D, Adrian Gatti Forbes and David Hines.

Our friends and colleagues Shaniya Jury, Anthony Pereira-Pomales, and Daniel Benoit.